Our Services


Our innovative system will provide technologies and services needed for your website or webpage to be viewed worldwide. With more than 3K TB of space you can be sure that we will have room for all your projects, regardless of the type (Content Hosting, Virtual Private server (VPS), Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting). If you do not have a domain, do not worry, we will help you with that.

Content Hosting

Your landing pages will be hosted in such way that you will be visible worldwide with other landing pages. The performance is excellent and provides high traffic levels.


More advanced form of Shared Hosting, VPS hosting offers you the option to be assigned to resources which are not shared with the other properties and yet share a server with other websites.


This option gives you the ultimate control of your server and you can access it anytime. In case you want to a specific software you have in mind, you can.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting gives you the ability to deal with high traffic. Multiple computers work together and handle high traffic levels for any kind of website.


The world of online analytics can be complicated but we`ve developed a tracking system which will allow you to follow up with all the changes, real-time. We consider this aspect very important for tracking user behavior and improving the online business. Our system collects behavioral data about the visitors of your website. Our real-time tracking system allows us to collect data and the data is accessible always. This option allows us to be alerted at all times and we can know what to optimize and improve, to find the best solution. Our system is capable of identifying fraudulent traffic, including filters and features such as detection of human presence.


As we mentioned, with our highly developed real-time tracking system, we are able to optimize every step of progress to ensure that your product reaches the right audience worldwide. With this tool, we are alerted always and with the advanced metasearch engine we are able to quickly find new feeds.